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    Central Oregon  

     This year we decided to hit central Oregon. We would base camp out of a house that I rented in Sunriver. The plan was to fish a different lake every day for nine days.


    Loaded and ready to fish.


    I tied over 100 flies for this trip.



     Davis is a shallow lake that contains Klamath Redband trout, Mountain Whitefish and Largemouth Bass. The lake was shallow and hard to fish, but we did manage to catch a few giant Mountain Whitefish and I caught a Klamath Redband.

    Barb hooked up at Davis Lake.


    Barb's first Mountain Whitefish.


    Fish on for Andy.


    These were some of the largest Mountain Whitefish we had ever seen.

     My first Mountain Whitefish.


    Davis Lake is known for its Klamath Redband Trout.



    Gold Lake is a Fly Fishing only lake located just north of Lapine. It is catch and release for the rainbows. Oregon wants to make it a trophy rainbow fishery and allows the take of all Brook Trout. We thought this would make for a great opportunity for Brook Trout tacos.

    I wish we had fly fishing only lakes in California.


    Gold Lake.


    Barb with a nice rainbow from Gold Lake.


    Miss Piggy mackin on some Brook Trout Tacos.




    We found a lake in the McKenzie River drainage that contained Rainbow Trout, Cutthroat Trout, Mountain Whitefish, Brook, Bull and Bull Trout/ Brook Trout Hybrids. This lake was our favorite and we ended up fishing it two days.


    The sign says it all.


    Christy hooked up.







    Double hook up.


     Barb with a nice Bull Trout.



     Good- bye bully.


    Bull Trout for Frank.



     Andy thought he had a Bull Trout but ended up with a Mountain White fish.









    Todd lake was a hike in lake that contained a population of self sustaining wild brook trout. It did not offer the best fishing but was amazing for its scenery. It also provided us with some very friendly wild birds.

    Todd Lake.






    Nice Brookie but who is the weirdo in the back ground?



    With a tip from the local fly shop we thought we would give Lava Lake a try. It was the most consistent of all the lakes and everyone caught fish and had a great time. The lake held rainbow trout in the 14-17 inch range. They were extremely hard fighters and Andy really had this lake dialed. Every time I looked over at him he was battling a scrappy rainbow.

    Lava Lake.



    Christy hooked up again.







    Fish Lake

    Fish Lake was the last lake we fished. It was located in southern Oregon. The plan was to fish the morning at Fish Lake and then hit Klamath lake in the afternoon. The wind came up big time and we could only fish the morning at Fish Lake. The lake contains; Rainbows, Tiger Trout, Brook Trout and small Spring Chinook Salmon. The water was very low and the fishing was difficult. We did manage to find a deep hole that was loaded with very small Spring Chinook Salmon.


    Fish Lake was extremely low.


    Barb with a small Spring Chinook Salmon


    The Spring Chinook were very small but there were plenty.

    Overall it was a great trip and Oregon was amazing. We fished several other lakes but the ones detailed above were our favorites. I really loved the small community of Sunriver and all of the breweries in Central Oregon. We did not catch as many fish as we had hoped. I think we ended up in the 200-250 fish range. Next year we might fish Montana or Arizona, Colorado, Washington, or even stay in California. Regardless, I’m sure we will have fun planning for it all year.

     A few more random photos;


    Come here little birdie. No I am not creepy......


    Typical meal for Christy.





    Working pay phone???


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    Fun read Frank!

    October 7, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterMarin

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