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    This winter Andy stumbled upon a hidden gem. We have been looking for a solid winter fishery for many years. We have never been able to really find anything other than a few mediocre trout lakes.

    Andy goes to bed every night dreaming and praying for a better place to fish closer to his home in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Andy's payers have been answered.

    Catching Striped Bass on the fly rod is something new to all of us.

    Andy and I have caught many stripers on traditional gear back in our ditch pickle chasing days. Catching them on the fly was very exciting.

    This would also be Barb's first time chasing Striped Bass on the fly.

    She was into fish right away.

    I was impressed that she was actually having no problems getting the stripers to the boat with a five weight rod. Andy and I both brought six weight rods and felt they were a little small for the stripers he was catching.

     Barb and Andy were having a blast.

     They were out fishing me pretty bad. It seemed like every time I looked over at them they had a fish on.

    I had lost a few right at the boat and they both were harassing me pretty bad.

     By the time I started catching fish they were so far ahead of me, I would never be able to catch up.


     My last fish for the day was a small shaker.

     Barb and Andy had whooped me so bad, it was time for beers and burgers.

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