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    This year we were determined to make it to the hex hatch at Lake Almanor. We have been wanting to fish the hex hatch for over ten years, but for whatever reason we kept missing it. We stumbled upon it last June while fishing for smallmouth bass. Unfortunately we were not able to stay for that evening bite. This year would be another story.


    The Hexagenia Limbata is known as the giant mayfly. They can reach up to an inch and a half in length and make for a tasty meal for just about anything that swims in Lake Almanor.


    This year Andy pretty much owned the lake. Every time I looked over at him he was battling a big trout.

    Or smallmouth bass....

     A typical rainbow trout caught during Almanors hex hatch.

    Andy and I  believe this may possibly be the best stillwater fishing in California.



    While Barb did not catch any rainbow or brown trout on this trip she did catch a couple of nice smallmouth bass.


    Barb brought along her friend Jaimie who caught her first fish on the fly. This nice smallmouth bass.


     I did not catch anywhere close to the amount of fish Andy caught, but I did manage a half dozen smallmouth bass and this nice rainbow trout.


    On the way home we stopped at a small lake to fish for brook trout and brown trout. Andy caught this peculiar looking guy. It had the vermiculated pattern of a brook trout but looked more like a brown trout. Could this possibly be a tiger trout caught in California???


    Overall it was a tiring but great three days. I know one thing is for sure!!! We will be setting aside a few days every year for the hex hatch..

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